• SVAS Credit Master 2.0 is a sophisticated solution for the submission of credit card transactions in real-time with verification status (approved/declined) returned instantly.
  • Credit Master is designed to fully streamline the entry and processing of credit card transactions; all customer information including card number(s) can be pre-stored and then retrieved for very rapid handling of charges.
  • Credit Master can interface directly with your accounting system (ACCPAC/SBT Pro Series versions 6.0 FoxPro through 7.2 EE SQL Server are currently supported).
  • Credit Master is fully multi-user (with no user limit) and multi-company.
  • Credit Master written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro and the source code is included with the product; this allows a suitably qualified person to customize Credit Master if needed to fit specialized requirements.
  • With the new 2.0 release Credit Master now exclusively uses ODBC to interface with a linked accounting system. This makes it possible to link to any database platform that supports ODBC, such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc. as well as of course Visual FoxPro tables.
  • Credit Master is designed to submit credit card transactions in real time using the SSL (high-security encrypted) HTTP protocol to processing company Authorizenet.com. Card transaction approval/decline status is immediately returned to the user (average response time on a DSL or cable-modem connection is one to two seconds).
  • Credit Master is entirely self-sufficient program that does not require the purchase of any other software in order to operate. The only requirements for using Credit Master is an Internet connection and a merchant account with Authorizenet.com.
  • Credit Master has extensive built-in security features; besides the use of SSL HTTP, all credit card information is stored using 128-bit encryption. Users must log-in and provide a password to use the application (each user can be assigned their own individual login/password combinations). Reports default to only printing the last four digits of a card number; the full card number is only shown if the user specifically overrides this feature. All transactions regardless of outcome are logged in extensive detail in a special transaction table.
  • Credit Master can read customer, sales order and invoice information directly from the accounting systems it supports and can automatically post a successful charge as a cash receipt to your Accounts Receivable system. Note that Credit Master can also function completely "stand-alone", without any accounting system installed.
  • When linked to ACCPAC Pro Series, Credit Master can be configured to automatically "pop-up" directly inside the accounting system when a new order for a customer on credit card terms is created. CM will also pop-up when the order is shipped, and can automatically follow-up a 'pre-authorization' card transaction done when the sales order was created with the matching 'capture' of funds at shipping time.
  • Credit card AVS (Address Verification Service) is fully supported.
  • Credit Master will "remember" credit card numbers, card types and expiration dates previously used for a customer; this eliminates having to re-enter card info for returning customers. Information for up to seven credit cards per customer can be stored and retrieved.
  • Credit Master can handle all of the usual types of credit card transactions (AUTHORIZE-CAPTURE, AUTHORIZE-ONLY, PRIOR-AUTH-CAPTURE, CREDIT and VOID).
  • When linked to ACCPAC/SBT Professional Series, Credit Master can automatically post the appropriate cash receipt for each successful credit card transaction. This eliminates the usual labor required to enter credit card cash receipts in your accounting system.
  • Multi-company support - with version 2.0, an unlimited number of CM companies can be defined, each linked to a different company in your accounting system (or even to different accounting systems!) and each company can have it's own separate merchant account.
  • Can be run either directly on the Windows desktop or inside ACCPAC/SBT Professional Series.
  • Detailed transaction reporting is built-in (see below). Transaction info can also be exported in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Sample reports are shown below (click on the images below to see the full-size versions):

Report by Date

Report by Customer


  • Windows 98, NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.  

  • Pentium-class PC, 128MB or more of RAM recommended.  

  • A suitable merchant account with Authorizenet.com (contact Authorizenet.com for details).  

  • Internet connectivity; DSL, cable-modem or T1 recommended for best performance.  

  • For accounting system integration, currently ACCPAC/SBT Professional Series 6.0, 6.5 (Foxpro only) or 7.1 and 7.2 (FoxPro and SQL Server) are supported (Credit Master can be integrated with earlier versions of SBT upon request; contact SVAS for details).  


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