Former SVAS Product FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(As of 1/1/2000)


  1. When did SBT acquire SVAS's "Master" former line (Message Master, Form Master, etc.) of SBT add-ons?

    The deal was closed in August of 1999.

  2. Was SVAS itself sold?

    No, only some of our SBT add-on products. SVAS continues to operate as an independent company; we provide custom programming services to SBT/ACCPAC clients and dealers and also have developed new add-on products.

  3. I bought an SVAS product prior to the line being sold to SBT.  How do I get technical support?

    As part of the sale agreement between SVAS and SBT, SBT agreed to take-over supporting all customers who had purchased the acquired products from SVAS.  In other words, if you bought a copy of Message Master, etc. from SVAS, you can now get support on these products from SBT.  This support is provided by SBT free-of-charge, you do not need to be on a support contract or otherwise pay to receive this support.

  4. I called SBT for support on my SVAS product, but was told that I had to pay or that support wasn't available.

    It is possible that perhaps not all SBT Support Technicians are fully aware of the fact that SBT agreed to take-over support on the SVAS product line.  If you have any trouble getting support for your SVAS product you should contact the head of technical support at SBT, Bill Hoffman.  His email address is

  5. How do I get an update for my version of SVAS Message Master?

    SBT has downloadable updates available for owners of the SVAS version of Message Master.  They also have online all of the documentation.  You should download and install the updates if you do not have the last version that SVAS produced (check your MM version number by going hitting the "?" button on the main Document Transmission window). The updates page can be accessed from:

  6. Which of the Master products are still available for purchase from SBT?

       Here is the current status of the Master line, according to SBT:

          Message Master for Pro 3.x - discontinued due to  SBT Pro 3.2 being obsolete.
          Message Master for Pro 5.0 - available for purchase from SBT.
          Message Master for Pro 6.0 - bundled with Pro 6.0.
          Message Master for VP2000  - discontinued due to VP2000 being obsolete.
          Message Master for VP10    - available for purchase from SBT.

    Note that if you really need a discontinued product you can always put in a special request for it with SBT Sales Management; they may provide it to you as long as you agree that the product will not be officially supported.

  7. I have Pro Series 5.0 build 707.  SBT tells me that SBT Message Master is only supported on build 709.  What can I do?

    Message Master for Pro 5.0 can actually be installed on any build of Pro 5.0.  SBT is simply saying that to be officially supported you need to be on 709.

  8. Which fax products can Message Master talk to?  I'm told by SBT that now only Winfax is supported.

    Message Master, even the SBT versions, continue to contain routines to interface with the following fax programs:

       Symantec Winfax (at least through version 9.x)
       Cheyenne Faxserve for Netware (not the NT version)
       Wordcraft Hydrafax
       Ansel Anselfax
       Castelle Faxpress

    Note however that SBT only officially supports Winfax.  Also, some of the other interfaces are starting to get out of date, you should run your own tests before committing to using a fax product other than Winfax.  Lastly, due to technical problems with the latest version of Castelle I no longer recommend this option.

  9. I want to use XYZ Fax with Message Master.  How can I do this?

    Fax products that can be controlled from other applications unfortunately all use proprietary APIs; this means that a custom routine has to be written for each fax product supported. To talk to a fax product that Message Master does not have a routine for, you have several options:

a)      Purchase Message Master source (included with Pro 6) and modify one of the existing routines.  If your fax program uses DDE calls then start with the Winfax routine.  If it uses embedded commands in the print stream then use the Hydra or Anselfax routines.

b)      Hire the original author to write you a custom interface. The original author of Message Master, having spent six months on the beach, is now back at work and therefore available for contract projects. You can contact him at

15030 Ventura Blvd., Suite 382
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(805) 499-7205